Leading the Air Force in improving combat capability -- greater operational reliability, safety and effectiveness -- through corrosion prevention and control.

325 Richard Ray Blvd, Bldg 165

Robins AFB, GA 31098

DSN:468-3284 or Comm: (478) 926-3284

DSN FAX; 468-6619 or Comm: (478) 926-6619




The Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office (AFCPCO) manages the Air Force's corrosion program, and is the Air Force's single focal point for all system corrosion guidance and policy. Our customers are Air Force field units, command-level corrosion managers, depots, and system program managers. We are also the Air Force's representative to the rest of the corrosion community, including other services and industry. We support our customers to implement and conduct the best possible corrosion prevention and control programs to maximize Air Force combat capability.


For additional information or assistance contact us email: afcorr@us.af.mil or DSN: 926-3284/COM 478-926-3284

Technical and Engineering Support

We provide direct technical and engineering assistance to customers across the Air Force. Issues are resolved quickly and efficiently and our solutions are disseminated rapidly throughout AF corrosion community. We ensure consistent programs are implemented across weapon systems and MAJCOMs and new technology is transitioned effectively to users.

Who we are......

In 1966 the Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC) Corrosion Office was formed at Mobile Air Materiel Area (a fighter overhaul and maintenance base), Brookley AFB, Alabama, due to extensive corrosion problems found on the F-105B Thunderchief that were being transferred to Europe. It closed in the mid-1960s due to a DoD “base realignment” event—under the leadership of a Mr Wallis Weaver. It was moved to Warner Robins Air Materiel Area (WRAMA) in 1967 (becoming WR-ALC in 1974) and those who did not retire moved with it under the leadership of Mr Bob Montgomery with the reigns being passed to the first blue-suit AFLC Corrosion Manager, Major Jeffreys, in 1972.


Today the AF Corrosion Prevention and Control office is assigned to AF Research Lab (AFRL), Wright Patterson AFB, OH; however our office is co-located at Robins AFB, GA.  The mission is governed under AFI 20-114, Air and Space Equipment Structural Management.